November 25, 2015

Javi’s Parrilla

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile and it feels good to be planning my next venture:  Javi’s Parrilla.  Since closing down Primo’s Parrilla early this year I’ve missed all the great people I met and deeply miss grilling daily.  It was bittersweet to close Primo’s but I felt it was good for me to work towards opening a brick and mortar restaurant- a restaurant that doesn’t require a parking spot (thanks all of you who moved your cars around to squeeze us in at the park!)  and won’t require jumper cables!  Kidding,  Primo’s Parrilla has a very special place in my heart-  along with great partners we created something innovative in the mobile food truck world- a mobile Argentine asado restaurant.  The reaction to Primo’s was tremendous, customers became my dear friends and I was never happier at work.  Having an untraditional business concept can prove to be a challenge when it comes to permitting, having daily inventory delivered (no space!) and weather permitting.  It was time to move on.

Javi’s Parrilla is still a work in progress and we are actively looking for a spot in Oakland.  It’s important to find the right place- a place that will allow me to slow grill over an open fire, have an area for people to gather and eat amazing food. Like Primo’s I want to have the ability to interact with my customers while I’m cooking-  I love to talk about the grilling process, get to know customers and of course feed you directly off the grill!  I’ll still serve the same great food- slow grilled cuts of assorted beef, chicken and choripans (argentine sausage sandwiches) topped with fresh chimichurri.  Having a restaurant (that doesn’t roll around on wheels) will allow me to spend more time in the kitchen preparing family recipes.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping myself busy doing catering, grilling at events (check FB for the details), making homemade sausages and creating new empanada recipes.  I’ll keep you all posted on my progress via Facebook and Twitter. Please don’t hesitate to send me your ideas and feedback; I’d love to hear what you want.  Sign up for my mailing list so I can send you opening day information.

Hasta Pronto y Cuidate- Besos, Javi

Javi's Parrilla